Compact Rulemaking Dockets


Docket Developing Standards

Listed below are the Uniform Standards and Operating Procedures pending action by the Commission.

Each item on the Docket is assigned a Rulemaking Citation as follows:


RNUS YYYY-x: Rulemaking New Uniform Standard (year)-(ordinal #)                

RAUS YYYY-x: Rulemaking Amended Uniform Standard (year)-(ordinal #)      

RNOP YYYY-x: Rulemaking New Operating Procedure (year)-(ordinal #)          

RAOP YYYY-x: Rulemaking Amended Operating Procedure (year)-(ordinal #)


The Rulemaking Citation will remain fixed showing the year in which the docket item was published by the Management Committee until the Commission takes final action in relation to a docket item. Each Rulemaking Citation will refer to a single docket item, enabling commenters to refer to a specific page or provision of “RNUS 2018-1”, for example.


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No Amendments to Adopted Uniform Standards are on the docket at this time.
No advanced rulemaking procedures are on the docket at this time.

Subject Matter of the Proposed Rule: Pursuant to Section 119 of the Rule for the Adoption, Amendment and Repeal of Rules for the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission, the Rulemaking and Product Standards Committees hereby commence the process to review the rules, operating procedures, and uniform standards effective on or before as noted below.

Pursuant to the Procedures for Implementing § 119 of the Rulemaking Rule for Commission Review of Rules adopted on March 2, 2012, the Rulemaking and Product Standards Committees are requesting comments on the need for continuation, repeal or amendment of the rules, operating procedures, and uniform standards identified below. Comments in favor of repeal or amendment should describe how circumstances or underlying assumptions have changed since the last time the rule was amended. Please do not include any personally identifiable information or confidential business information that you do not want publicly disclosed.

All comments may be submitted electronically to or by mailing to IIPRC 444 North Capitol Street, NW, Suite 700 Washington DC 20001.

APPLICABLE RULES SUBJECT TO FIVE-YEAR REVIEW (The text of the rules and full rulemaking history may be found on the IIPRC's Rulemaking Record:

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No uniform standards under five year review at this time.