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How Can We Help You?


The Compact Team is celebrating National Customer Service Week 2022, as many filing companies likely are as well. This week’s tip is a quick rundown of tools the Compact has in place to assist filers on a pre-filing basis and across all product lines. Providing a high level of customer service is a critical priority for the Compact, because the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan states, “A critical objective is to be a responsible resource for providing excellent and accountable information and services to and on behalf of member states and those they serve.”


•  Pre-Filing Communication Process: The Compact has a formal process to receive and promptly respond to questions about Uniform Standards inquiries for planned filings. This is a great way to find out if a feature or form provision fits within the Uniform Standards or needs more work.

•  Search Feature: The Compact website provides a search feature via the magnifying glass found in the top right of each web page.

•  Frequently Asked Questions: The FAQ tool found on the home page is an important resource for anyone new on your team to use in learning the background of the Compact and key terminology.

•  Weekly Tip Archive: This and other tools found on the Insurer Resource web page are instructional for preparing and submitting a Compact filing.


If you have more questions after reviewing this information, make sure to review the Events page and sign up for one of the industry-focused (or open to all) webinars starting next week—another tool available for filers across all product lines and levels of experience.