Requesting Filer Feedback on Spring 2022 Webinars 

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Requesting Filer Feedback on Spring 2022 Webinars 


As a filer of the Compact, the Compact Office is requesting your feedback by completing the survey below. One of the action items of the Insurance Compact Compass: Strategic Plan 2020-2022 is to Provide live and on-demand training programs and tutorials for Compacting States, company filers, and consumer representatives about various aspects of the Compact and offer ongoing training on Uniform Standards and current product development. As the Compact Office develops the spring webinar series, we want to ensure the webinars are those that filers would find useful and relevant.

Please click here to take the survey.

We would request your response by Friday, March 11th.

If you have any questions regarding the brief survey, please reply directly or contact Sarah Neil.