Three Reminders when Filing with the SDU Filing Type

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Three Reminders when Filing with the SDU Filing Type


This week, the Insurance Compact Office reminds filers that a product filing submission with no forms on the form schedule should be submitted under the Supporting Documentation Update (SDU) filing type. The name of the filing type helps you prepare your filing correctly—if only supporting documentation items are being updated, without a form being filed for review, the SDU filing type is appropriate. The Compact has seen an increase in SDU filings being submitted and wants to remind filers of three important items to keep in mind when submitting filings using the SDU filing type.

  1. The states on the SDU submission should match those included on the previously approved filing(s) being updated. This means only the states included in the original filing(s) tied to the SDU submission via the Associated Filings feature should be included in the SDU filing submission.
  2. The previously approved Compact filing(s) that the revisions in this filing will apply to should be included under the View Associated Filings link in the upper right-hand corner of the filing. Please refer to the step-by-step instructions for Associated Filings on the Insurance Company Resources page of the Insurance Compact website for additional guidance.
  3. The state filing fees for SDU submissions are a little different than for a submission that includes forms on the form schedule. We would strongly advise that you pay close attention to Appendix B of FIN 2017-1 and utilize the Advanced Filing Fee Calculation service to avoid overpaying.

Please review Filing Information Notice (FIN) 2017-1: Process for Revisions to Forms and Supporting Documentation in Compact Filings for more information updates that can be made using this filing type.

If you have any questions about filing with the SDU filing type, or about filing with the Insurance Compact in general, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.