Updates to the Pre-Filing Communication Process

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Updates to the Pre-Filing Communication Process


The Insurance Compact Office has recently made some internal changes to the Pre-Filing Communication Form process. This first tip regarding the transition is to make you aware of some cosmetic changes you might notice in pre-filing messages. The purpose of this transition is to improve internal tracking and gain efficiency from automation in responding to pre-filing communications.

We are in the process of moving the Pre-Filing communication process to JIRA. JIRA is a project tracking application that will allow us to better track inquiries and communicate with our filers. JIRA is the same system used to gather and respond to NAIC service requests, including SERFF. Please know this new platform does not affect how you currently submit Pre-Filing Communication Form inquiries. You will still submit your completed form in an e-mail to comments@insurancecompact.org. The difference is that you will notice that any response will come from ‘Insurance Compact Filing Support jira_no_reply@naic.org’ or a specific Compact team member’s name with jira_no_reply@naic.org after. You still will receive a confirmation that your request has been received and our review team will respond to your inquiry as we always have. If you receive a notification that the review team has follow up questions or you have follow up questions after a response is received, please reply directly to that email.

Once we have responded to your inquiry you will receive a single survey question asking you to rate your experience and insert any comments. We encourage all filers to respond when you receive this with any comments you have, as it helps ensure that we continue to improve.

If you have any questions regarding the Pre-Filing Communication process or the Insurance Compact in general, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.