Weekly Tip: Annuity Application-Only Filings

Weekly Tips

Annuity Application-Only Filings


The Insurance Compact has just enacted a new Type of Insurance (TOI) and Filing Type to permit company filers to file application-only annuity filings.

The Insurance Compact has enacted the TOI A10 Annuities ? Other to be used for application-only filing submissions. The only available Filing Type for this new TOI will be ?Application.? The Insurance Compact decided to institute this TOI based on company filing trends, and to make the submission of applications more efficient and consistent. While product-specific applications should continue to be submitted under the product-specific TOI, this new TOI will provide company filers more versatility when filing an application that crosses various annuity TOIs.

Should you have any questions about this new TOI, please contact the Insurance Compact Office. Should you have any questions about annuity filing submissions, please use the Pre-Filing Communication process to have your questions efficiently addressed.