Weekly Tip: Developing Uniform Standards ? October Update

Weekly Tips

Developing Uniform Standards ? October Update


The Insurance Compact?s Product Standards Committee (PSC) has had a busy 2019. Check out the chart below to get up to date on the latest Uniform Standards development news, including which Uniform Standards the PSC is working on, Uniform Standards ready for public comment, and Uniform Standards that have recently been adopted by the Commission.

Chart showing uniform standards under construction by the Product Standards Committee, and uniform standards undergoing the formal rulemaking procedure as of October 17, 2019.

The Insurance Compact Office will hold a public hearing on RAUS 2019-2 and RNUS 2019-4 at the upcoming teleconference of the Management Committee on October 28th. More information about this public meeting may be found on the Insurance Compact Event Calendar, located on the Insurance Compact website. Written comments regarding these proposed Uniform Standards should be submitted to Comments@insurancecompact.org.

Is your company looking for more information on Uniform Standards under development? Navigate to the Insurance Compact?s online Docket of Developing Standards to access published drafts, comments submitted, and important rulemaking deadlines.

If you have any questions about Uniform Standards development activities or about filing with the Insurance Compact in general, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.