Weekly Tip: How to Remove SOI Items 2017 Feb Update

Weekly Tips

How to Remove SOI Items 2017 Feb Update


On January 20th, the Insurance Compact Office issued a Weekly Tip advising how the Statement of Intent (SOI) could be updated to reflect items that need to be withdrawn from the SOI. We have learned that when multiple items for the same state are being removed, the following steps should be followed to be successful in making the edits to the SOI.

  • Each form number entered for a single state must be unique. Therefore, the approved form numbers should be substituted with slightly different identifiers.
    Example: The filer should enter the first Form Number as "N/A" and the second Form Number as "N/A1".
  • State Tracking Number: Enter "N/A" to avoid a validation error based on the SERFF Tracking Number.
  • Date Legally Implemented: Re-enter the date that was originally entered.
  • Regulatory Method: Re-enter the method that was originally selected. As a reminder, the options are "Approved", "File" and "Use, Use and File, Informational, or Exempt".
  • Document Name/Description: Enter "N/A".
  • Comments: Enter "To make previous entry not applicable".

If you have any questions about this Weekly Tip or the Compact, please contact the Insurance Compact Office at Comments@insurancecompact.org.