Weekly Tip: How to Remove SOI Items 2017 Jun Update

Weekly Tips

How to Remove SOI Items 2017 Jun Update


Earlier this year we issued two Weekly Tips detailing the process for removing forms included on the Statement of Intent (SOI) once a filing had been submitted for review. The Insurance Compact Team recently learned that a step in the tips? instructions results in a system error. To avoid confusion, we would like to outline all the steps to remove forms from the Statement of Intent (SOI) once a filing had been submitted for review. We would ask that you please disregard the previous Tips regarding the removal of items from the SOI schedule.

The Statement of Intent operates like other schedule tabs in a SERFF filing, in that lines containing removed entries remain visible. Lines entered on the Statement of Intent cannot be deleted. As a result, the following instructions result in a new line being created to replace the line intended to be removed.

Please follow these steps:

  1. To update the SOI, click ?Change Schedule Items? and navigate to the SOI tab.
  2. Select the state(s) that you wish to change under the dropdown menu, ?Selected State.?
  3. Click ?Revise? to change the text in ALL fields:
      1. The filer should enter the Form Number as ?N/A?.

        When multiple items are being removed, each form number entered must be unique. Therefore, the approved form numbers should be substituted with slightly different identifiers. Example: The filer should enter the first Form Number as ?N/A? and the second Form Number as ?N/A1.?

      2. Tracking Number: Enter ?Not Available? or the SERFF Tracking Number to avoid a validation error based on the SERFF Tracking Number.

        To clarify, the use of ?N/A? in the Tracking Number field ? either SERFF or State Tracking Number ? should be avoided, as it will result in an error message because the application is looking for a valid tracking number. There are a few things that may be done in order to avoid this error. The first is to include the SERFF Tracking Number as it was submitted (if the SERFF Tracking Number was entered in the field). The second is to change the Tracking Number selection to ?Not Available? rather than ?N/A? in either the SERFF or State Tracking Number field.

        Tracking number field not available

      3. Date Legally Implemented: Re-enter the date that was originally entered.
      4. Regulatory Method: Re-enter the method that was originally selected. As a reminder, the options are ?Approved,? ?File,? and ?Use, Use and File, Informational, or Exempt.?
      5. Document Name/Description: Enter ?N/A.?
      6. Comments: Enter ?To make previous entry not applicable.?
  4. Once the changes have been saved, go to ?Filing Correspondence,? click on ?Create Amendment.? Enter Comments, click on ?Add Schedule Item(s),? select applicable draft items, click ?Add Item(s),? click ?Save,? then click ?Submit.?

See the screenshot below for an example of such an update:

Statement of intent

If you have any questions about this Weekly Tip or the Insurance Compact, please contact the Insurance Compact Office at Comments@insurancecompact.org.