Weekly Tip: How to Remove SOI Items Update

Weekly Tips

How to Remove SOI Items


Occasionally a filer will be asked to update the Statement of Intent (SOI) submitted in their product filing to remove specific forms; or a filer may wish to remove a form as it is no longer relevant. In this week's Weekly Tip, we will advise how to update the SOI to remove listed forms.

The Statement of Intent operates like other schedule tabs in a SERFF filing, in that lines containing removed entries remain visible. Lines entered on the Statement of Intent cannot be deleted. As a result, the following instructions result in a new line being created to replace the line intended to be removed.

Please follow these steps:

  • To update the SOI, click "Change Schedule Items" and navigate to the SOI tab.
  • Select the state that you wish to change under the dropdown menu, "Selected State."
  • Click "Revise" to (1) change the text in ALL fields to "not applicable" or "N/A" and (2) state in the Comments field "to make previous entry not applicable."

See the screenshot below for an example of such an update:

If you have any questions about this Weekly Tip or the IIPRC, please contact the IIPRC Office at Comments@insurancecompact.org.