Weekly Tip: Logo Change Procedures

Weekly Tips

Logo Change Procedures


Has your company decided that they are going to change the logo on your forms that have been approved by the Insurance Compact? You may be wondering what you should do for all those forms. This week's Weekly Tip email will provide you with the necessary steps required for making such a submission to the Insurance Compact.

The Insurance Compact can accept a filing for the rebranding/change of logo for products filed with the Insurance Compact. One new submission, submitted under any applicable TOI, with a copy of the new logo attached to the Form Schedule may be made to the Insurance Compact to achieve this purpose. Using the "Additional Benefits" feature, enter the relevant information in the "Filing Information" tab, i.e. the TOI's for the filings referenced. Additionally, the filing needs to include a certified letter signed by an officer of the Company indicating the logo has or will be approved/filed in States in accordance with their respective and applicable requirements along with the effective date of this change, a list of IIPRC filings by SERFF Tracking number and forms to which the changes apply, and the letter will specify that the filing is made in accordance with the applicable Uniform Standards pertaining to each product referenced. The company will be required to submit a filing fee to the Insurance Compact in the amount of $500 plus all applicable state filing fees. The filing will receive a disposition of "approved" and the disposition will contain the following language:

"This approval is granted in accordance with applicable IIPRC Rules and Uniform Standards pertaining to the policy forms referenced in this filing and is limited to such forms. It does not replace any required approvals and/or filings to be made by individual States for a 'change of logo'."

We hope that this information is helpful. If you have any questions about information contained in this email or the Insurance Compact, please contact us.