Weekly Tip: Who to Contact - 2020 Edition

Weekly Tips

Who to Contact - 2020 Edition


Do you have a filing question that you aren't sure where to direct? Send it to Comments@insurancecompact.org. This shared mailbox is the best place to direct all of your filing inquiries, be they help desk-style questions, completed Pre-Filing Communication Forms, or even quick actuarial questions. This general email inbox is monitored daily, and all inquiries are tracked and routed internally to the Compact team members best equipped to answer your questions.

For other types of questions, try the following:

  • If you need to reach out to a Compact reviewer directly, you can either send a Note to Reviewer if it is regarding an active filing, or reach out via email. Contact information for the Insurance Compact review team is available on the Contact Us page of the Insurance Compact website.

The Insurance Compact Office is happy to hear from filers during all stages of the filing process, and welcomes suggestions for new filer resources, webinar topics, or other ways to enhance the Compact's efficiency at Comments@insurancecompact.org.