Adjunct Services Committee


Cabinet Executive Officer Barbara Richardson, Chair - Arizona

Commissioner Michael Humphreys, Vice Chair - Pennsylvania

Commissioner Mark Fowler - Alabama

Director Lori Wing-Heier - Alaska

Commissioner Alan McClain - Arkansas

Commissioner Karima Woods - District of Columbia

Commissioner Michael Conway - Colorado

Commissioner Gordon Ito - Hawaii

Commissioner Sharon P. Clark - Kentucky

Interim Commissioner Joy Y. Hatchette - Maryland

Director Eric Dunning - Nebraska

Commissioner Scott Kipper  - Nevada

Commissioner Jon Godfread - North Dakota

Director Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer - Rhode Island

Commissioner Kevin Gaffney - Vermont

Commissioner Scott White - Virginia

Commissioner Mike Kreidler - Washington

Commissioner Allan McVey -  West Virginia

Commissioner Nathan Houdek - Wisconsin

Commissioner Jeff Rude - Wyoming

Contact Info:

Becky McElduff
Director of Product Operations/Chief Counsel