Finance Committee


Commissioner Allan L. McVey, Chair - West Virginia

Superintendent Alice Kane, Vice Chair - New Mexico

Commissioner Andrew N. Mais - Connecticut

Commissioner John King - Georgia

Commissioner Vicki Schmidt - Kansas

Acting Superintendent Timothy N. Schott - Maine

Commissioner Mike Chaney - Mississippi

Commissioner Scott Kipper - Nevada

Commissioner Jon Pike - Utah




1. To collaborate as regulators from Compacting States to develop recommendations for consideration, approval and adoption by the Management Committee and/or the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission (Insurance Compact Commission).

2. To monitor the Commission’s financial condition including the actual and projected revenues, expenses, and significant variances thereto, as well as appropriate resourcing levels.

3. To develop and recommend the annual operating budget of the Insurance Compact Commission.

4. To develop and recommend updates as necessary to the Commission filing fee structure to encompass the cost of the operations and activities of the Commission and its staff in a total amount sufficient to cover the Commission’s annual budget.

5. To consider and recommend requests for new or reallocated resources including funding requests related to the Commission’s administrative and product operations.

6. To provide regulatory expertise on budgeting, resourcing and fee structuring for the Commission and its operations, including responding to requests for technical expertise or special projects assigned by the Management Committee and the Insurance Compact Commission.

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Sara Dubsky
Assistant Director of Administrative Operations