Consumer Resources

Consumer Resources

Thank you for your interest in the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission (IIPRC).

On this page you will find some helpful resources related to the IIPRC. Please click the links in each area to access information.

The IIPRC has a Consumer Advisory Committee. The Committee is comprised of consumer representatives independent of the insurance industry. There are currently three (3) seats available on this Committee. The Consumer Advisory Committee members provide very valuable input to the IIPRC as well as counsel and advise on matters pertaining to the IIPRC's operations. If you are interested in serving on this particular committee, please review the Consumer Advisory Committee Composition and Selection Criteria and Consumer Advisory Committee Applicant/Member Conflict of Interest Statement

Department of Insurance Contact Information

Do you have a question or a complaint about a particular insurance product?

Go to Member States to find the contact information for the Department of Insurance in the state which you are living in.

Do you need to send correspondence to a Department of Insurance?

Use this chart to assist with finding the correct mailing address.

Looking for Public Information

Are you seeking information regarding a particular product filing that has been approved by the IIPRC?

If so, you may now access these filings through SERFF Filing Access. Here you will be able to search and find all closed-approved IIPRC product filing submissions.

For more information regarding the IIPRC's public records, please review the IIPRC's "Public Access Rule" on the Record.

Educational Information

Are you interested in learning more about the IIPRC and the relationship it has with the Departments of Insurance in the Compact Member States?

Contact the IIPRC Office if you are interested in a no-cost webinar to provide more information about the IIPRC and its activities.