Governance Committee


Commissioner Eric Dunning, Chair - Nebraska

Commissioner Nathan Houdek, Vice Chair - Wisconsin

Commissioner Kathleen A. Birrane - Maryland

Commissioner Mike Chaney - Mississippi

Director Chlora Lindley-Myers - Missouri

Commissioner Troy Downing - Montana

Commissioner Scott Kipper - Nevada

Director Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer - Rhode Island

Commissioner Cassie A. Brown - Texas

Commissioner Allan McVey - West Virginia


1. To collaborate as regulators from Compacting States to develop recommendations for consideration, approval, and adoption by the Management Committee and/or the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission (Insurance Compact Commission).

2. To promote best practices for overall good governance and encourage effective leadership through the integration of planning, management, and quality improvement.

3. To manage the preparation and implementation of the Commission’s strategic plan and coordinating project plans including consideration and implementation of the recommendations from the independent governance review and business assessment.

4. To ensure that appropriate alternative goals and objectives are available to the Management Committee and the Insurance Compact Commission including reviewing economic, social, industry, marketplace, regulatory and legislative trends that may affect the organization’s

5. To maintain the Bylaws, Code of Ethics and procedural guidelines for Commission roles and responsibilities of Members and their designated representatives. 

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