Rulemaking Committee


Commissioner Jonathan Pike, Chair - Utah

Superintendent Robert Carey, Vice Chair - Maine

Director Lori K. Wing-Heir - Alaska

Commissioner Trinidad Navarro - Delaware

Commissioner Karima M. Woods - District of Columbia

Commissioner Gordon I. Ito - Hawaii

Director Dean L. Cameron - Idaho

Commissioner Amy L. Beard - Indiana

Commissioner Vicki Schmidt - Kansas

Commissioner Sharon P. Clark - Kentucky

Commissioner Tim Temple - Louisiana

Acting Commissioner Rachel Davison - Massachusetts

Commissioner Grace Arnold - Minnesota

Commissioner Mike Chaney - Mississippi

Director Chlora Lindley-Myers- Missouri

Commissioner Mike Causey - North Carolina

Director Elizabeth Kelleher Dwyer - Rhode Island

Commissioner Scott A. White - Virginia

Commissioner Mike Kreidler - Washington

Commissioner Allan McVey - West Virginia


1. To collaborate as regulators from Compacting States to develop recommendations for consideration, approval, and adoption by the Management Committee and/or the Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Commission (Insurance Compact Commission).

2. To develop new and amended Operating Procedures and Rules, including guidelines and instructions, to implement, interpret, or prescribe policy or describe the organization, procedure, or practice requirements of the Commission, its rulemaking activities, and implementation of its Uniform Standards.

3. To regularly review, but no less than every five years, Operating Procedures and Rules to ensure they are relevant and appropriate for the current nature, circumstances and scope of the Commission and its committee and product operations.

4. To provide regulatory expertise on administrative and procedural requirements for the Commission and its operations, including responding to requests for technical expertise or special projects assigned by the Management Committee and the Insurance Compact Commission.

5. To confer with the Legislative Committee, Consumer Advisory Committee and Industry Advisory Committee regarding Operating Procedures and Rules and proposed recommendations.

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