Member State Filing Fees

Member State Filing Fees

updated 8/4/23 for ND

Alabama $100 per form; $50 for each informational form filed; or retaliatory (if higher); filing may not exceed $5,000 per SERFF submission
Arkansas Life, DI, and LTC policy/contracts, endorsements, certificates, riders, applications; annuity forms; $50 per form or retaliatory (if higher)
Delaware $150 per form, per company. Revised rates are $100 per filing, per affected form. Advertising submissions are $150 per filing, per company. Fraternal organizations do not require a filing fee. Capped at $2,000 per form filing per company.
Georgia $25 per unique form number on forms/advertisements/applications/etc. regardless of life or health product line / $75 per rate filing or retaliatory (if higher); $1,000 max per submission
Hawaii $20 per approval for individual filings that include Accidental Death Benefits by rider, amendment, or endorsement, and/or DI Riders; $20 for DI submissions; $20 for any LTC combo product with rate or form review; $0 for all other filings
Illinois $50 per form; no fees for LTC advertising forms. Fees charged for a policy shall not exceed $1,500
Indiana $35 per form; $35 per rate filing; filing may not exceed $1000; or retaliatory (if higher)
Kentucky $5 per filing or retaliatory (if higher); $100 per filing on Credit Life; $100 or retaliatory (if higher) for rate revision filings
Louisiana $100 per policy per company (including group life filings); $100 per applicable policy for submissions that consist of solely riders/amendatory riders or endorsements; $0 Applications. No charge for illustrations, advertising, rates, applications/supplemental applications, assumptions and information.
Maine $20 per Policy/Certificate (if more than one policy/certificate is included in filing then the filing fee would be $20 per policy/certificate). If there is no Policy/Certificate in the filing (i.e. filing contains riders, endorsements, etc.) then the filing fee would be $20.00 for the whole filing. $20 per Rate filing 
Maryland $125 per form (advertising and disclosure forms are excluded) / $125 per rate filing
Massachusetts $75 per policy; $75 per filing for forms submitted separate from a policy; $150 per rate or rule; no fees for LTC Advertising
Minnesota $125 per policy and related forms; $125 per filing for riders/applications/endorsements filed separate from a policy; no fees for advertising or marketing material
Mississippi LIFE, ANNUITY & DI: $15 per ind. policy; $15 per group master policy; $10 per rider/endorsement/amendment/application, etc.; $7 per questionnaire; $5 per resubmission charge for non-payment;
LTC: $50 for any other form filing required by law. 
Electronic-govt fee: $1 per SERFF EFT transaction required
Missouri $150 per filing per company
Nevada $25 per rate, policy or contract filing packet; $10 per rider, application or endorsement form submitted separately from the policy or contract filing; no fees for advertising
New Mexico $30 per policy forms package; $15 per incidental form; $50 per rate
Ohio $50 per filing per company
Oklahoma Policy: $50, Master Policy: $50, Certificates: $50, Applications: $25, Endorsements: $25, Riders: $25, Advertisement: $25, Rates: $25, Informational filings: $25, Matrix: $25, Variable contract with all attachments: $200; OR Retaliatory if higher
Rhode Island $40 per policy; $40 per certificate; When riders, endorsements, applications, alternative paragraphs or rates are filed singly or in a package without policy or certificate forms, count the number of policies to which the forms will be attached, in which the paragraphs will be used, or with which the rates will be used and multiply by $25 and then multiply by the number of companies to which the filing applies, if applicable. (Do not count the forms, paragraphs and/or rates, themselves); or Retaliatory (if higher)
Texas $100 per policy/related forms in a single filing; $100 per rider, application, endorsement, or amendments filed separately from policy ($50 if form is exempt); Matrix $50 for each form number with a maximum fee of $500; no fees for LTC advertising filings.
Vermont $50 per life and annuity submission; $150 per LTC and DI submission; or Retaliatory (if higher)
West Virginia $100 per filing per company (form, rate, or rule)


States with Retalitory Fees

Connecticut, Iowa, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee


States Not Collecting Fees

Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Idaho, Kansas, Michigan, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming


Non-Compacting States Not Collecting Fees

New York

Non-Compacting States with Retaliatory Fees

South Dakota, South Carolina