Accelerated Death Benefit Written Statement Requirements

State Does the State have a State Law that may require a written statement be provided to the applicant at the time of application for a form containing Accelerated Death Benefit? If a Written Statement is required, what is the legal citation for the requirement?
Alabama Yes  482-1-113-.07(2)
Alaska No  
Arizona No  
Arkansas Yes Rule and Regulation 60 S 8
Colorado No  
Connecticut No  
Delaware Yes Title 18 CHAPTER 75. Delaware Viatical Settlements Act- § 7508
District of Columbia No  
Georgia No  
Hawaii No  
Idaho No  
Illinois Yes 50 IAC 1407.50
Indiana Yes IN 760:1-48-6
Iowa No  
Kansas Yes K.A.R. 40-2-20
Kentucky No  
Louisiana Yes  LAC 37:XIII.1511
Maine No  
Maryland No  
Massachusetts Yes 211 CMR 55.06
Michigan Yes MCL 500.603
Minnesota Yes 61A.072
Mississippi Yes MS 83-7-109(2)
Missouri No  
Montana Yes MCA 33-20-127
Nebraska Yes Title 210, Chapter 46, 008.06
Nevada No  
New Hampshire No  
New Jersey No  
New Mexico No  
North Carolina Yes  11 NCAC 12 .1206
North Dakota No  
Ohio Yes OAC 3901-6-06(I)
Oklahoma Yes 365:10-5-105
Oregon Yes 836-051-0330(2)
Pennsylvania Yes 90f.15(a) and 90g.15(a)
Puerto Rico Yes 26 L.P.R.A. §1111
Rhode Island No  
Tennessee No  
Texas No  
Utah No  
Vermont No  
Virginia Yes 14 VAC 5-70-80(C)
Washington Yes WAC 284-23-650(2)(c)
West Virginia No  
Wisconsin No  
Wyoming No