Adding North Dakota Reminders

This Weekly Tip is a reminder to life insurance filing companies of what to consider when adding North Dakota to previously approved product filings. It is important to note that North Dakota has a 1-year maximum suicide exclusion period.  

Filers adding North Dakota to a previously approved life insurance filing need to be familiar with  Filing Information Notice 2023-1:  Filing Process for Product Filings to Demonstrate Compliance with Suicide Exclusion Provision Amendments. Section 4.c of this FIN provides that a previously approved product to which North Dakota is added is treated as new product filing, meaning the product must comply with the suicide exclusion amendments before being issued in the newly added state. 

To demonstrate compliance with the suicide exclusion amendments, the filer should (1) submit a Note to Reviewer in the filing submission explaining how compliance is met and (2) link any associated filings made to comply. Due to the extra verification connected with North Dakota‚Äôs 1-year suicide exclusion period, filers should expect the Compact Office acknowledgement of North Dakota will be completed in two business days. 

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