Compact Responses to Website RFP Redesign Questions

Responses to Website RFP Redesign Questions

1. Add Table of Contents or a site index.
Would this be like a sitemap? If so, how would it differ from the current sitemap?
Response: Yes, we would like to update the site map to better assist our users in finding
the information they care about.

2. Enhance the Member State map to sync up access to more state-specific information
for each state, such as statutory citations, opt-outs if any, filing statistics, state
variations if any, etc.

Is each state going to provide a list of links to the info listed above? We would like to
make the map more mobile friendly, is that also your intent for the map feature?
Response: The Compact will provide this information, including links to state department websites. We would like to make the map more mobile-friendly, as well as the website as a whole.

3. Create Committee-specific web pages to navigate the work of the committee and create link from home page.
What type of information / content will be presented on each committee page?
Response: There will be 10 Committee pages to be created for the following
Committees/Working Group: Management Committee, Audit Committee, Governance
Committee, Finance Committee, Product Standards Committee, Actuarial Working
Group, Rulemaking Committee, Industry Advisory Committee, Consumer Advisory
Committee, and Legislative Committee. These pages that will house such things as
upcoming meetings, meeting materials, call summaries, work plans, charter documents,
Uniform Standard Development process, and so on.

4. Enhance the search features on the website to permit users to search specific areas
with keywords as well as filter pages.

Are you looking to move away from Google site search?
Response: No, we are not looking to move away from Google site search.

5. Further redesign of existing content, also creation of new content, will be communicated over the course of this project."
We are interpreting this to mean you will let us know as you create/redesign existing
content, but want to confirm whether you are looking for a proposal that includes
content creation as well?
Response: Content creation will come from the Compact, and that understanding should
be included in the proposal.

6. "Redesign should improve search engine optimization (SEO)."
Is the intent that we are developing in a way that allows for easier SEO or do we need to
include SEO strategy as part of this proposal? Will the Insurance Compact team provide
a resource for writing SEO meta data and adding image alt tags or are you looking for an
on-going SEO partner to execute all SEO efforts?
Response: Our focus for SEO optimization is on the metadata related to making the
content more searchable and improving the in-site search. Any improvement for search
should be focused on improving the Google programmable search that is already in use.
The Compact will provide a resource, and metadata will be provided by the Compact

7. In our experience, Compact houses quite a bit of content as PDFs. Is the intent that
those documents are being brought forward into web content?
Response: The Compact is receptive to reducing the amount of PDF-formatted content.

8. Focus Group Results: the RFP lists specific functionality but says "included but not
limited to"

Is there an expectation that the Focus Group results are all included? Some of the items
are quicker fixes than others. Specifically, it would be good to understand if the following are considered within this scope?
- Members only portal:
- Streamline names of weekly and filing information notices
Response: A members-only portal is not in scope; this initiative was satisfied under an
unrelated project. The naming of Weekly Tips has been addressed by the Compact staff
as well. For the Filing Information Notices, we are looking for increased functionality to
allow users to filter results by product line and date.

9. Does Compact have a 3rd party ADA audit company that will be running the formal tests or is it OK to leverage online ADA scanning applications for this?
Response: We are open to proposals that include the use of ADA scanning applications,
provided cost of such service is clearly defined upfront.

10. Is the expectation that the vendor will migrate all media from the current site to the new site?
Response: The Compact is interpreting “media” to mean things like images, videos, etc.,
and we do not anticipate bringing all existing media to the new website. For example, it
is not intended to carry over the image on the homepage now to the redesigned site.
Generally, the Compact will evaluate which content, including media, will be carried over
to the newly designed site prior to the bidder’s engagement.

11. Is the expectation that the vendor will complete all content population efforts?
Response: No, the Compact staff will assist.

12. Cite one or two examples of your design approach and process for improving

Can you elaborate on expectations for this request? Is the intent that the respondent
would pick an area or two of the website and write about how they would transform
it? Or are you expecting designs with the proposal?
Response: Yes, respondent may pick an area or two of the website and present their
ideas as to how they would transform it.

13. How does Insurance Compact feel about its current branding on the website? Will help be required for creating new content, specifically brand related content such as
homepage, About the Compact, etc.?
Response: We are open to proposals that include re-branding, provided cost of such
service is clearly defined upfront.

14. Do you require development and deployment? Or do you already have a development team in place? RFP references Drupal 9. Please clarify
a. Set up hosting and code deployment strategy?
b. Front end development and back-end development?
Response: Our current Drupal 9 implementation is set up on Pantheon, and we would like to remain since our affiliate organizations use Pantheon as well. We work with a
development team that provides front-end and back-end support; however, such
assistance is limited for the scope of this project.

15. RFP following Point 9 … “Training will be provided to the Insurance Compact as needed.”
a. Meaning, training for content entry and CMS administration? Other?
Response: Yes, Compact staff must be trained to effectively maintain the work
performed on the website, as well as add new content after the project is complete.

16. RFP notes a project start date in April. Is there a target end/deadline date?
Response: The target end date is October 2022.

17. What would you consider the big problem we are solving? Are there site pages that are considered higher “points of friction” or pain-points with users?
Response: Yes, stakeholders have said the Record, the Docket, and the Events pages are
particularly difficult to navigate. Users have expressed a desire to find the information
they are looking for in fewer clicks. Generally, the largest problem the bidder will solve is
the presentation, efficiency, and navigability of the Compact’s website. The goal is for
users to find what they are looking for with the least amount of clicks possible.

18. How did this problem get brought up?
Response: The Compact fielded several comments during its strategic planning process
to make improvements to its website. Focus groups were convened to solicit feedback
as to how the website could be improved by both regulators and company filers.

19. What does success look like? When we come to the end of this project, how would you define success?
Response: Success is meeting the targeted deadline and having a fresh, new
presentation that is more efficient and navigable. Users should be able to find resources
on our website with ease, and at the same time, the website should be easily maintained
by the Compact staff, including the ability to add pages or amend existing content.

20. Who would we be working with?
Response: The Compact Admin team and NAIC Communications/Web-posting team will
be working on this project.

21. How many project owners/stakeholders would be involved with this project?
Response: There will be five project owners with one designated point of contact.

22. Will you need a design guide, style tiles, or design comps?
Response: The Compact is amenable to bidders providing a design guide, style tiles, or
design comps, provided the cost is defined in the proposal upfront.

23. Have you performed usability testing with site users in the past; 1:1 remote user testing? Have you performed stakeholder interviews in the past?
Response: Yes, focus groups were convened to solicit feedback as to how the Compact
website can be improved. The results can be found on the Compact’s website:

24. Is it acceptable to the NAIC to build the website within the Wordpress CMS?
Response: We would prefer to stay with Drupal at this time.

25. Will you be providing the new content (copy) for the website, or do you require our
copywriting services?
Response: No, we won’t need copywriting services.

26. Do you anticipate your new site being larger than the existing site? If yes, how many
additional pages do you anticipate?
Response: We do anticipate adding pages to the website, as has been referenced in the
Response #3. We also acknowledge the possibility of adding new pages to fulfill the
goals of the project, which is to present the information on the Compact’s website in a
clear and logical way so all users can find what they are looking for easily. As such, the
bidder is expected to have a change management process in place to address requests
that are beyond the scope and assumptions of the ongoing project.

27. Will you require video or photography services for content in your new website? *Nonstock photography.
Response: No, video production is not in scope for this project.

28. Do you expect to host your website, or will you require hosting services?
Response: No, we will not require hosting services. Our redesigned website will continue to be hosted on Pantheon.

29. Are there integrations that you will need after the site is built? (hubspot, salesforce, other tracking/ data tools or pixels?)
Response: No, such integrations are not in scope for this project.

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