Insurance Compact Website Enhancements

We have made several improvements to the search function on the Record Adopted Standards page that we are excited to announce. 

  • Search results can be shown in a grid view and a list view; simply select the preferred option at the top of the page.
  • All filter options are displayed and clickable, which allows users to select more than one option under each filter. 
  • Users can also choose how many results to display per page, including an option to display all the results on one page. 
  • Search results are also organized by Record Type: Uniform Standards – Individual, Uniform Standards – Group, Operating Procedures, or Bylaws

Similar enhancements have been made to both the Docket Developing Standards and Record Adopted Standards pages. Hover texts are next to each filter to help new users navigate the search features found on both pages. Additionally, there are two new pages, Understanding Docket Developing Standards and Understanding Record Adopted Standards; these help pages are designed to explain to new users what happens to Uniform Standards as they make their way through the rulemaking process to when they are adopted by the Commission.

We also wanted to take another opportunity to highlight the Webinar Recordings page now that the fall webinar series has come to an end. All the industry-oriented and open to all sessions were recorded and available on demand, and they can be found under the Industry Resources section of the website.

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