Meet Our Newest Actuary

The Insurance Compact Review Team has a new Actuary! In this Weekly Tip, we will introduce you to Naomi J. Kloeppersmith, who has joined Jeanne Daharsh and Katie Campbell in reviewing the actuarial components of your product filing submissions.

Naomi joined the Compact as an Actuary Reviewer on July 22nd. She was most recently with the consulting firm Lewis & Ellis, where she worked for four years with a variety of client companies on their life portfolios. Naomi has also worked as an actuary pricing life reinsurance at Generali USA Life Reassurance Company and SCOR Global Americas. When not reviewing nonforfeiture requirements, Naomi may be found knitting or playing a board game or two while catering to the whims of her felines. She is also a member of the Kansas City Actuaries Club and of Speakeasy Toasters.

Naomi joins our geographically diverse team from Kansas City, and we are confident that filers will continue to experience the high quality of review and approachability they are accustomed to when filing with the Compact, and Compacting States will have the continued assurance of a thorough and high-quality actuarial review for compliance with Uniform Standards.

For more information regarding our Review Team, visit the Contact Us page of the Insurance Compact website, where you can find a brief bio and a contact email for each team member. If you have any questions about the Insurance Compact Team, or about filing with the Insurance Compact in general, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.

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