New Year, New Form Numbers

It's 2019 already ? but what does that mean for your filings? In this Weekly Tip, the Insurance Compact Office is reminding filers that all form numbers on forms in filings submitted in 2019 should begin with ICC19.

In all of the Uniform Standards, ?2 A.(6) (Cover Page Requirements) requires that the form contain an unique form number in the lower left hand corner of the form and in the format prescribed by the Uniform Standards.  The prefix of the form number is to contain "ICCxx" where "xx" is the year the product was submitted for filing. In other words, the form numbers are required to reflect the year in which the filing was submitted.

Before submitting your filing, don't forget to cross-check the form numbers on all forms submitted with what is listed in the Form Number field on the Form Schedule. 

If you have any questions about form numbers or filing with the Compact, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.


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