Payment of Filing Fees

Filing fees per form or per policy, which one is it? Are you confused by the various filing fees? If so, join the growing number of companies who utilize this time and cost saving service and have the Insurance Compact’s optional Advance Filing Fee Calculation service calculate the fees for your submission. The service removes the burden of calculating Insurance Compact and state filing fees owed and will help prevent the overpayment of filing fees.

For the flat fee of $100 per company per filing submission, the Insurance Compact Office will calculate the total state and Insurance Compact filing fees owed for a filing. If interested in this process, be sure to review the published step-by-step directions on how to request this service on the Industry Resources page of the Insurance Compact website, under Filing Fees.

As an added benefit of using this service, the filing is assigned to the reviewer earlier than without the Advance Filing Fee Calculation, because using the service bypasses most intake fee correspondence.

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