Ready for Review - Redlines

This week is the second in a series to help you determine whether your filing submission is “ready for review”. Ready for review means the filing contains all attachments, certifications, and filing components necessary to perform substantive review. Filings that are submitted ready for review can help avoid objections and are assigned to the review team quicker.

This week we will focus on when and where to submit redlines in a filing submission.

When are Redlines Required?  If the form has been previously approved and you are now submitting a revision to that form, a redline showing the changes made should be submitted on Supporting Documentation tab in SERFF and the new/revised form should be submitted on the Form Schedule.

Should I attach a Redline when responding to an objection letter? If you are responding to an objection letter, a redline is not required. It is important in your objection response to explain what change was made and where the change is in the form. The Insurance Compact reviewers will perform their own comparison to ensure that the form has been revised as requested and as explained in the response letter.

Should I attach a Redline if I submit updated forms mid-review? If you have submitted a new form and you are making changes to that form before it has been reviewed by a Compact form reviewer, a redline is not required. When you send the new/updated form, indicate why it is being sent and describe the changes made. If the form review has been completed and you are sending in revisions to it that were not requested by the form reviewer, a redline is required, along with information on why a revision is being made.

Where should I attach the redlines? It is important that filers create and attach the redlines to a new submission requirement on the Supporting Documentation tab. DO NOT submit the redlines under specific Submission Requirements as this will trigger an objection.

If you have any questions about submitting redlines or filing with the Compact, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.

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