SERFF Transaction Fees

The Insurance Compact would like to advise company filers that the $17 SERFF transaction fee should not be entered as Compact or state filing fees. Only the fees due to the Compact and the states included on the filing should be entered on the individual fee lines. 

For example, you have remitted a policy form for review and approval to the Compact and have included Alabama, Georgia and Indiana, the correct fees are noted below:

  • Compact = $1,500 and NOT $1,517.61
  • Alabama = $100 and NOT $117.61
  • Georgia = $25 and NOT $42.61
  • Indiana = $35 and NOT $57.61

If in doubt about the applicable filing fees, the Compact has an advance filing fee calculation service detailed on the Industry Resources page of the website. Look for the Filing Fee information. The Compact Office would encourage you to utilize this service. 

If you have any questions or feedback, contact the Insurance Compact Office.

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