Temporary SERFF Workaround ? SOI Amendments 9

If you need to amend the Statement of Intent (SOI) via amendment letter in a pending or approved Compact filing in the next few weeks, please follow the instructions in this Weekly Tip, as SERFF is currently experiencing a temporary technical issue when users submit SOI updates via amendment letter.

Due to a temporary technical error, a filer who attempts to submit an SOI update via amendment letter in SERFF receives the following message: ?At least one schedule item must be added to save the amendment.? For the next several weeks, these filers are advised to effect SOI updates via the following process:

For previously approved filings, the filer should send a note to reviewer requesting the filing be reopened for SOI updates.
If the filing is under review, the filer should still send a note to reviewer requesting to submit an SOI update, unless an SOI revision was requested by the Compact reviewer in an objection letter.

The Compact will issue an objection letter
Filer should submit a response letter with the SOI update attached.
For previously approved filings, the Compact will close the filing and the update will be submitted for Compact and state viewing. For a filing under review, this workaround will not affect the Compact?s review process.
If you have any questions about updating the SOI in a Compact filing, or about filing with the Insurance Compact in general, please contact the Insurance Compact Office.


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