Weekly Tip – New Schedule of Fees & New Compact Employee

The Compact Office would like to remind all company filers of the changes to the Schedule of Fees which took effect on January 1, 2023. While preparing for your product filing submission, all filers are strongly encouraged to review the new Schedule of Fees posted on the Insurer Resources page of the Compact website. Are you interested in a more efficient filing experience and avoiding filing fee objections? Consider using the Advance Filing Fee Calculation service. More information about this service can also be found on the Insurer Resources page right under the Schedule of Fees.

The Compact Office is pleased to announce we have a new Intake Coordinator. Some may have started to see a new name on Compact correspondence. Alisha Williams joined the Compact Team in November. We are excited to have her join the Compact Team!

Please reach out to the Insurance Compact office if you have any questions regarding the changes in the filing fees.

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